Vumo Anatomico

Health first: clogs made from the imprint of your foot, for the benefit of your spine.

Anatomic clogs and mules bring quality into your everyday life, whether you wear them at work, go for a walk, or put them on after a busy day at work. Now you can choose the shape, color and design, which best fits your requirements. With ANATOMICO program, you will reduce the consequences of stress and reduced movement, which are the main factors of causing diseases of spine, bones and joints.

Your foot is an incredibly complex mechanism responsible for two important things: to carry your weight and to enable your movement. In order to conduct these two important tasks, it is very important for feet to have the highest possible level of comfort, stability and flexibility.

ANATOMICO line takes care of that.

The most modern technology and ergonomic studies gave solution for the foundation where your foot will have everything it needs, and your body that relies on them will be given easiness and fluttering movement.

Design of ANATOMICO foundation of clogs and mules enables the foot to have full anatomic comfort, and thus, benefits the whole body, its posture, relaxation of ankles and easy movement. If your problems concern joint inflammation, spine spondylosis, lumbal syndrome, you will significantly reduce or prevent your problems by wearing anatomic clogs. Apart from healthy comfort, natural materials, beech wood and ecologically colored leather will enable top-level hygiene and comfortable dryness to your feet.

ANATOMICO footwear does not only look great, but will also make you feel great!

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