Vumo Gel

New production technology that will spoil you.

Clogs, wooden slippers and sandals, which will provide you with optimal comfort and flexibility of foot movement and at the same time prevent feet getting tired, in short this is VUMOGEL technology.

And not only that! Anatomically produced bedding is made from natural materials, cork and caoutchouc, coated with soft, curried leather colored with natural color, will enable even those with most sensitive feet to wear them carelessly on their bare feet, and you can forget about pain in your spine or your ankles.

What is so good in this line? It is the gel-cushion which is located in the bedding of the middle part of the heel, which is responsible for this extreme comfort and which will practically enable you to rest when you are standing at your work place or at home.

Gel-cushion will also provide mild acupuncture of blood flow regulating points, which will directly influence your better health and good mood. Optimal thermal conductivity will prevent feet getting too warm, and thus it will enable better circulation and prevent distended veins.

 Gel-cushion for the VUMOGEL footwear program is produced by the world known pharmaceutical company, and this time again, models are produced in cooperation with VITO PECORA studio from Italy.

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