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Ideally packaged for Europe

Apart from the excellent quality, VUMO production program, distinct at the domestic market and at the southeast Europe market, also deserves the best packaging! Prior to the great campaign on the European market, in cooperation with the Serbian Investment and Export Promotion Agency (SIEPA), VUMO Company works on an ideal solution for packaging of VUMO products.

We work with SIEPA on designing the best quality solution for packaging, because we have a serious entrance to the European and world market in front of us, which requires quality - says Milan Zaric, general manager of VUMO Company. ‘Our products are already sold in Slovenia, and we have ongoing negotiations for the Austrian and American market, and we also plan to market them as far as Australia’.

Apart from the clogs, produced in accordance with the European standards and quality, VUMO wants to offer its customers the highest quality and original packaging. In addition to the wide range of colors of VUMO clogs, original platform made from the naturally processed wood, with Italian leather and rubber, the only thing missing are unique shoes boxes, novelty at the market, and the designer studio already has its hands on it.

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